Supporters and Sponsors

The charity is delighted to receive donations of all sizes. We are particularly grateful to the support received from our many patrons and sponsors, some of whom are listed below:


  • Sir Colin Chandler
  • Winston S Churchill Esq
  • Gareth Davies Esq
  • Len Deighton Esq
  • Bill Dix Esq
  • Rt Hon William Hague M.P.
  • Alex Henshaw M.B.E.
  • Dame Vera Lynn D.B.E. LL.B
  • Nick Reilly Esq
  • Sir Ralph Robins
  • Dr Heinz Samson
  • Rt Hon Lord Tebbitt C.H.
  • Bernard Warren Esq
  • Guy Weston Esq

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“I wanted to extend to the Battle of Britain Historical Society my admiration and support for the project to construct a monument to honour “The Few”. I too, believe that we owe a debt of gratitude to these brave airmen that can never be repaid. The projected monument on the Embankment will enable us to acknowledge the sacrifice these aircrew made in order to ensure the future peace and security of these islands.This comes with my very best wishes to all those who have been involved in this project, and I shall look forward to seeing the completed monument in the future.” Charles, Prince of Wales.