Existing Structure Dismantled

Existing Structure Dismantled

The existing granite structure has been dismantled as the first stage of the overall construction programme. The blocks that require modification for the monument (about half of them) have been sent away for cutting. They will mainly form the supporting plinths for the bronze reliefs (panels) currently been cast at the foundry. The cutting is being done at a facility in Cornwall (England) and will take around 2 months. The remaining blocks are being left on site for when building starts.

Site from London Eye side of the river

The rubble that filled the previous structure has been removed. The site has been excavated to about 0.5 metre below pavement level. A supporting concrete and steel platform will be put in place over the next couple of months to support the eventual monument.

Decorated hoarding

March 2005

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excavation below street level – with original support

Dismantled site with some of the remaining stones. the original Victorian supports can be seen in the base

The hoarding surrounding the site has now been painted in camouflage colours so if you are passing along the embankment near the Houses of Parliament, or having a flight on the London Eye, then do look out for it.

Hoarding showing London eye in the background