The Monument Commemorating the Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain Monument is a spectacular physical monument in London.  It was deliberately designed to be “at people level”.  The aim is for people to physically interact with the monument itself. The core of the monument is a number of scenes, not just of the Battle of Britain itself, but also related topics of both military and ordinary life at that time.  The scenes depict also workers who were supporting the airmen in the Battle, like:scramble

  • the spotters looking for enemy planes
  • the ground technical staff
  • women working in munitions factories
  • along with people in the blitz


The centre piece of the monument is “Scramble”, the airmen running towards their planes having been ordered to scramble to intercept enemy planes. A full description of the scenes can be found on the Description of the Monument Scenes web page. The monument is very interactive, and we have had feedback for group of blind visitors saying how much they got from their visit. Around the outside of the monument is a list of all the airmen who flew in combat missions during the Battle of Britain.  These are listed by their country.  The full list, along with a biography of over 2,000 of them can be found in our airmen section.

More information about the Monument


We have a lot of other information about the monument and the project to build it.  Some of the key links are: Key interesting facts about the monument Description of the scenes around the outside of the monument depicting different facts of live, both in the air and on the ground, during the Battle. Background to how the monument came about, and the sculptor’s vison when he started to design it. Key stages of the project to design and build the monument, including the unveiling by Prince Charles. For more information about the Battle itself, see our Battle section.