Research Topics

The Balbo Monument in Chicago, USA

– pre-war mass formations of aircraft that foreshadowed the Luftwaffe attacks

Names of the ‘Few’

– an essay by Jeremy Crang of Edinburgh University tracing the efforts over the years to arrive at a definitive list of the ‘Few’

Westminster Abbey (Battle of Britain Memorial Window)

– the badges of the 72 Battle of Britain squadrons in stained glass

Grizedale Hall

– the first Prisoner-of-War Camp to receive Luftwaffe officers brought down over the UK before and during the Battle

Battle of Britain Class Locomotives

– evocative names from the Battle carried on a post-war class of steam engines

The Savoy Hotel and Kaspar the Cat

– were Battle of Britain pilots involved in the abduction of a wooden cat that was a dinner guest of Winston Churchill ?

The Battle of Britain Stamp Set 1965

– the 25th Anniversary of the Battle was commemorated by a special issue of postage stamps

Fight for Sight

– the vital part played by a Battle of Britain pilot in developing artificial lenses that have restored the sight of millions of people

Bob Dylan and the Battle of Britain

– praise for the Few from an unexpected quarter