Art and Literature

There are any number of books on the Battle, many were written by surviving participants and others are being published even today. This section will concentrate on lesser known instances where the Battle or aspects of it were depicted in literature or by brush or camera.

War Artists
…. how the Battle was recorded by Paul Nash, Henry Moore and others
H E Bates
…. creator of the Larkin family and much else, he describes a fishing trip in Kent while the fight raged overhead
‘The Few’
…. a poem by Edward Shanks (1892 – 1953)
Absolutely Barking
…. The Life and Times of Mr Jackson, a true story by Wing Commander PPC ‘Paddy’  Barthropp DFC AFC
Noel Coward
…. gives a gloomy account of a Battle of Britain Dinner in New York in 1962
Virginia Woolf – battle over Sussex
…. how the famous author recorded the aerial events around her house in her diary
Spot takes to the air
…. how this childrens book character had his genesis in 1940