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Jack Kininmonth Kay was born on 10th January 1920 at Leith, Edinburgh and educated at Burramuir College, Edinburgh. He went on to work for a firm of stockbrokers there.

He joined the RAFVR in July 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up at the outbreak of war, Kay went to No. 1 ITW Cambridge. He did his elementary flying training at 15 FTS Hatfield and then moved on to 10 FTS Tern Hill.

With his training completed, Kay was posted to 6 OTU Sutton Bridge on 17th August 1940. He converted to Hurricanes and then joined 111 Squadron at Drem on 12th September. He moved to 257 Squadron at Martlesham Heath on the 28th.

Kay claimed a Ju87 destroyed and a Me109 and another Ju87 damaged on 11th November. On a later sortie the same day he destroyed a Fiat BR20.



Above: 257 squadron after the Italian raid on 11th November.

L to R: P/O G North, Sgt. LD Barnes, P/O SE Andrews, P/O B Davey, P/O PA Mortimer, P/O JK Kay, Unknown, F/Lt. HP Blatchford, P/O K Pniak




Above: Kay with souvenirs from a shot-down Fiat BR20.


On 1st May 1941 Kay was posted to 46 Squadron at Sherburn-in-Elmet. It was preparing to leave for the Middle East. Some pilots and the groundcrews went to Egypt, via the Cape but Kay was among those who embarked with their Hurricanes on the carrier HMS Argus. They reached Gibraltar at the end of May and the aircraft were transferred on to HMS Ark Royal. They flew off to Hal Far, Malta on 6th June 1941. Both the pilots and the Hurricanes then moved to Ta Kali and on 28th June became 126 Squadron.

On 22nd November 1941 Kay damaged a Mc202, on 19th January 1942 he a probable Ju88, on the 23rd he damaged a Me109 and on 11th February he damaged a Ju88.

On 20th February 1942 he flew to Cairo in a Hudson. He then went by flying boat in stages to South Africa, arriving at Vaal Dam on 6th March. Kay was posted to 25 Air School, Standerton, as an instructor.

He met his future wife soon after arriving and they married in September 1943.

Day remained instructing until June 1945, when he returned to the UK. He was released in 1946 as a Flight Lieutenant.

Kay returned to South Africa and settled there. He died in Johannesburg on 18th September 1981.



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