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Evzen Cizek was born in Ostrava on December 10th 1904 and joined the Czech Air Force in the twenties. He went to Poland after the Germans moved in to Czechoslovakia in March 1939. Cizek was in the Czech Air Force in Poland but when that country fell in September 1939 he went to France. Commissioned in the Armee de l’Air, Cizek was in Groupe de Chasse III/3 in May 1940. He destroyed a Me109 on the 11th, shared in the destruction of Me109’s on the 14th and 19th and on June 16th he destroyed one more.

After the fall of France, Cizek escaped to England and on September 2nd he arrived at 6 OTU, Sutton Bridge from RAF Cosford to convert to Hurricanes. On October 5th he crashed in Hurricane N2341 from engine failure. He was unhurt. On October 14th Cizek joined No 1 Squadron at Wittering. On the 29th he crashed on landing after a combat with a Do17.

Cizek was appointed joint CO of 312 (Czech) Squadron at Speke on December 18th with Squadron Leader F H Tyson. In April 1941 Tyson was posted away and Cizek took sole command. He left 312 in July 1941.

Cizek was serving as a Group Captain with the Inspectorate of the Czech Air Force when he was killed on November 26th 1942. On a flight from London to St Athan, his aircraft flew into a barrage balloon cable near Cardiff.

Cizek is buried in Brookwood Military Cemetery.


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