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(The word Airmen rather than pilots is used throughout the site as obsolete twin-engined Blenheim aircraft were used as fighters and these carried a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner (Wop/Ag) and sometimes an Observer)  


March 2008 – there is now too much biographical data and/or photographs on individual airmen to list on this page (and this is being researched and added all the time) – where any data exists the airman’s name will appear in blue text on the lists under The Airmen at left, click on the name to go to that airman’s page.


Sgt. R T Holmes

…. who brought down a German bomber onto Victoria Station in London

P/O R J W Brown

…. survived the Battle to work on the development of ejector seats post-war

F/Lt. C R Davis

…. one of nine American volunteers, he lost his life over Kent

P/O R J W Simmonds

…. survived the war to be commemorated in a poem in 2000

P/O R E Jones

…. a personal recollection

Sgt T G Oldfield

…. lost at 21 but commemorated in stone in 2007






P/O R J W Stubbs

…. who went on to fly with the Pathfinders of Bomber Command

Sgt. E Salway

…. lost in especially tragic circumstances

F/Lt. I L McG Hallam

…. survived the war only to die in a mid-air collision


Sgt F Sumner

…. yet another air gunner who survived the Battle but not the war

F/O N J M Barry

…. a South African who became yet another young casualty

F/O B E Finucane

…. an Irish pilot whose fame led to 3000 people attending his memorial service in London

P/O R A Marchand

…. another casualty of 15 September 1940

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