The Battle of Britain Monument in London is a superb monument to The Few – commemorating those people who took part in this vital battle of the Second World War.

This website provides information about the Battle of Britain, the airmen, who took part, the history and description of the Monument and related information.

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The Battle of Britain Stamp Set 1965

In 1965 the 25th anniversary of the Battle was marked by the issue of a set of Battle of Britain stamps. However the issue was not without controversy. In October 1964 Tony Benn (Anthony Wedgewood-Benn as was, a left-leaning politician) had become Postmaster General....

Battle of Britain Paintings

Battle of Britain Paintings The war artist Paul Nash made many paintings during the Battle of Britain.  This website has an exhaustive study of them which you can see by clicking here.

2018 Thanksgiving service details

The details of the 2018 thanksgiving service at Westminster Abbey have been released. The service will take place on Sunday 16th September. Click here for more details.

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